Focus on your routine work by opening Websites in new window

Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash
Photo by Jean Gerber on Unsplash

As you know your GPA can be an important factor in snagging a scholarship. Your success can increase exponentially if you are able to focus on the task at hand.

If you work regularly on a computer project and don’t want to be interrupted by social media, etc. then open all the Websites you work with in a new window.

Here’s how to do it in Google Chrome:
1) Create a ‘bookmark folder’ by right-clicking on the bookmark bar and select ‘add folder’
2) Click on the tab of one of the Websites you want to add to the folder. Drag the tab down and it will open separately in a new window.
3) Click on the ‘Star’ at the end of the URL field and then add it to the folder you created (you may need to select ‘choose another folder’ by clicking on the down arrow)
4) Close that window
4) Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for each Website you want to use in your project
5) When all Websites are added to folder, ‘Right-Click’ on the folder and select ‘Open all __ in new window’

Learned this tip by reading which referred to a LifeHacker article.