Adrian Rubin Scholarship

Deadline: July 1 (Subject to change. Check Website for confirmation.)

The Adrian Rubin Scholarship was created with our future leaders (current students) in mind. Over the years college has not only become increasingly necessary but also expensive. The Adrian Rubin $1200 Scholarship serves the purpose of being able to help one student each year get closer to their goal of achieving their dream career without having to rack up thousands of dollars in debt to do so.

Full details for applying for this scholarship can be found below:


  • Current high school seniors who have been accepted into a college and will enroll in 2019
  • Student’s currently in college, but haven’t reached their final year yet


To apply for the Adrian Rubin Scholarship you should answer the following question in the form of a 500-word essay: “What is one business idea you think can change the world?” Apply @