Having a Successful College Visit

Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash
Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash

Careful preparation for a useful college visit is very important.  There are usually a limited number of allowed school absences for the purpose of visiting colleges, there is a limit as to how much time parents can give to the task and there may be a limit to budgeted travel money for such visits.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Plan the visit with the help of admissions representatives or recruiters so that you know that they know you will be on campus and are interested in visiting specific areas
  • Don’t plan a visit when the students are away for Spring Break, etc.  It may not be a good idea to visit during exams, etc.
  • Make plans to meet with any students from your high school that may have gone to the college or anybody you might know that goes there. Have ready a list of specific questions such as:
    • how they like the college
    • if they have any complaints or problems with the college or why they like it
    • ask them how the workload compares to their high school experience
    • any advice or recommendations that they might have for you
  • Take opportunities to talk to strangers on the campus and ask them similar questions

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